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Appointment Scheduling
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Webapp for Customers
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website builder
"In the founding phase of the yoga and therapy studio, we were fully understood by stamy with all our questions. - a quality that cannot be taken for granted in complex applications. The booking functions work. And if there is a problem, the support is very reliable and very prompt at our side. We feel we are in good hands. In addition, we can actively work with the building blocks and refine our site. Many thanks from the team at yoga-therapie-ananda in Pfarrkirchen."

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create experiences & inspire your customers

Create beautiful landing pages with our website builder. No coding or special knowledge required. Delight your customers with a professional booking website that is completly customized to your brand.

Add booking widgets such as course plan or appointment scheduling for private classes. Recurring customers book with a single click - always on your business website.

"We have used it to set up the new presence of Yogafabrik and are thrilled! But more importantly, our yoga teachers are also thrilled. But even more important: our customers are also thrilled. Thank you for your support and the quick implementation of our feature requests!"

work together - stay independent.

create co-working platforms for your peers

Freedom, independence & community - those are the core values of New Work. Our system embraces the relationship between the client and the co-worker. As a platform owner you don't interact with the cash flow between the customer and the self-employed co-worker. Instead you provide the booking system, the website, rooms and other services and establish commision contracts with the self-employed co-workers. Your co-workers enjoy the full service of your platform while staying independent.

"My name is Miquel, a yoga teacher who’s been using Stamy for a while now. It is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that allows you to manage all the administrative work (registrations, invoicing, website builder, room booking, etc.). It saves a lot of time to have a well-functioning system that responds fast, so you can easily organize your classes, workshops, retreats, or customized products selling in a few clicks. The dashboard gives you a perfect overview of how your offerings are going, so it’s easy to make decisions such as rescheduling classes, offer again a successful workshop or keep contact with the participants. And you have responsive support behind this system with a deep understanding of B2B solutions. Definitely recommended!"

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Our usage based pricing model is fair forever

We want your business to florish without the burden of fixed costs per month. And that's why you only have to pay a small fee when your services are actually booked.

pay as you go with a monthly limit