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class schedule
- Create classes and workshops at fixed times. - Members book with a single click from your website
individual appointments
- Let your customers know when you are available and book your services on demand
room rental
- Let your customers know when your rooms are available for booking - Approved customers book free slots directly from your website
- Create multi-entry memberships for your services - Create course packages for multiple appointments
online shop
- Sell items from stock - Define shipping costs
discount codes
- Create discount codes for services, special events, workshops, memberships, prodcut items and more
- Create invoices with a few clicks - Send invoices automatically upon booking - One source of truth for all of your sales
- Connect your payrexx or stripe account for online payments - Integrate your sumup terminal and receive on-site payments
website builder
- publish your branded multi page website - SEO friendly and on your own domain Have already a website? - Create your custom branded widgets and embed them on your website
- Increase your visibility and inform your customers about your business with a blog
personalised landing pages
- Create landing pages that are accessible only by certain customer groups - Sell access to personalised content
email templates
- Keep your brand consistent and send out your own email templates from your email address
email & sms automation
- Templates for order confirmations, reminders, welcome new customers & more - Automate customer communication with branded emails and sms
customer forms
- Create forms and collect data from your customers
calendar sync
- Setup a two-way synchronisation with your google calendar - Subscribe to your stamy calendar with a one-way sync
- Keep an eye on your sales progress - Extract reports for external accounting systems
- Create your own coworking space or platform - Automate provisions and invoicing